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    About NoetixViews

      Hi Gurus,

      Any body plz let me know about Noetixviews

      As per my understanding, Noetix generator automatically generates RPD and report templete for both Oracle E-Business Suite, Seibel CRM, OBIEE etc..

      My query is... 1.Is noetix a separate software that need to be installed to generate RPD?
      2. If it is separate s/w then RPD will be genereated in Noetix application or it will directly generate PRD in OBIEE itself?
      3. I got know there wont be any dimensions or facts in RPD, if we are using noetixviews to genereate RPD?
      4. Generally for any source( Ex: Seibel CRM, E-Business Suite, peoplesoft etc..) there will be dedicated datasouce, all the data will be pushed to Datawarehouse ( single target database )using ETL and using OBIEE will create RPD to generate deciisson making reports. How it can be done if we are using Noetix?
      5.Suppose, if I am using both Seibel CRM, E-Business Suite as source then what will be the process of creating RPD using noetixviews

      Thanks and Regards,