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    OPM Functional

      I m looking OPM(Technical Side) from 2 years,Is it better to me that i have migrate to OPM Functional Side.What's opportunity for OPM functional Side.which type of prepration i have to do for opm functional interview? Please Suggest me..
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          Starting with technical is a very good beginning before you can become a full fledged functional consultant.
          Opportunities for OPM Functional: Dependent on Geography that you are in. good number of implementations are happening in Middle east, so demand for OPM Func is very decent there. Same is the case with Indian sub continent / East Asian countries.
          In US / Europe geographie, there are not many implementations in OPM. few opportunities (but well paying ones) exist in Europe. US is relatively better now.

          Preparation wise: No preparation can replace the actual experience of implementing OPM. However theoritical knowledge will definetly help to start. Thereafter it is entirely your softskills / attitude / experiential knowledge that will floa you through. Convincing skills, comunication skills are tremendously important in functional role. Apart from these, the following are very important to become a successful functional consultant
          - Aspects of Solution designing (knowledge of the impact on all areas).
          - Basic Knowledge of Financials / SCM / HRMS, apart from specialist knowledge in one area (where the functional consultant is responsible for).
          - Good documentation skills (higher level of clarity in documentation will always help)
          - Attitude for RnD (researching How To Do in Oracle Apps ? - This is almost a daily work and source of gaining knowledge)

          Finally ! you shoud love your job. You should know how the solution impacts people / processes and be compassionate to the requirements of client users to become a sucessful functional and overall a successful person.
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            many-2 Thanks for your quick response & valuable advise ..I also thankful to you for your intelligent thought and for understanding that I am searching, hope this information really helpful for me.