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    How to get the status of a datapump

      i'm using oracle 11.2

      i'm using the package dbms_datapump in order to do and export. I need to check if there was some error after the export.

      here an example of my problem:
      If i tried to export some table that are not in the database and i've the below result:
      the status after wait_for_job is completed
      no dmp file was created
      the log file contains this error.
      Starting "TEST"."tabletest":*
      Estimate in progress using BLOCKS method...*
      Processing object type TABLE_EXPORT/TABLE/TABLE_DATA*
      Total estimation using BLOCKS method: 0 KB*

      ORA-31655: no data or metadata objects selected for job*
      Job "TEST"."tabletest" completed with 1 error(s) at 15:26:08*

      DBMS_DATAPUMP.start_job (handle => v_ExpHandle, skip_current => 0, abort_step => 0);
      DBMS_DATAPUMP.wait_for_job (handle => v_ExpHandle, job_state => v_JobStatus);

      How do i found the error using api?

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