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    Question about Otn people

    Subramanian Meyyappan
      hi folks,

      i had ah small question. simple :) why i cant able to catch people in social network(whoever roaming in otn forum). especially in facebook.
      people whoever in other side of the globe having their social network account other than facebook.
      especially always in twitter.

      what would be reason?

      forum volunteers :
      dont block my thread. if i get answer, i'll close thread.
      please if am doing anything wrong means please intimate me. sure, i'll will close thread

      reason for asking this question.
      i know this people only here on OTN. if i fly am from this forum. i cant able to catch those peoples.,
      here i cant wish/ask their phone number(regarding work.project related),and personal help/details anymore.
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          Different people have different desires about how much personal info they want the world to know. These days, privacy is near dead, and some people still want to maintain some semblance of it. Also, some people have bosses who don't really support or understand the idea of community sharing, and so have to be secretive. Some people may even have bad reputations under their own names, deserved or not, and so need to hide who they are. Some people have good reputations, but for whatever reason they don't want it known that some particular post is from them.

          I see a lot of people on linkedin.

          Some of us who have been online a long time think using real names is somehow more trustable.

          Some people have been victims of cyberstalkers or cyberbullying, or have seen extreme cases of others suffering from it. There are some real crazies out there, including employees or former employees of major companies. Google Kathy Sierra.

          Some people simply desire not to be overwhelmed with dumb questions, it definitely lowers stress levels to be in control of your volume of tasks by being able to choose what and how much time to spend here. Some have been overwhelmed by headhunters and other spam.

          It's a difficult balance. I have a couple thousand unread messages in my personal email, most of which are useless garbage (not even counting spam), but I have on occasion missed an important one. Some dumbass companies have published my work phone and email obtained through nefarious methods, anyone who cold contacts me that way is starting in a very deep hole, if I'm in a good mood. I get about 5 calls a day on my home business phone voicemail, mostly about my "google listing" (which I don't want or have). I'm considering adding the tones to blow off robocalls to the message there.

          I hope I've understood your question. It's a matter of control.
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            Subramanian Meyyappan
            yes i understood. thanks for sharing
            here i cant wish
            this is my main reason. i cant ask here, how did you enjoy the holiday and how about you family members.
            other side of the globe, i may sure about culture is different. this is the real fact.
            ask their phone number(regarding work.project related),and personal help/details anymore.
            i never do this. just am asking :) i dislike getting mobile number keep on chatting.

            for reason is: how you are? where are you? what you are doing? if we are out office space,
            i may ask about official doubts. anyways i may found very few peoples on facebook
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              Subramanian Meyyappan
              i hope that it's time close thread.