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    Tracking of OSP parts sent to supplier and received from supplier


      We are working for a R12 implementation for india localization plant.
      we have one org as standard costing org (Discrete mfg)and another org as average costing org (project Mfg).

      We are using discrete and project manufacturing.
      We have a requirement from bussiness that we would be able to track items sent to supplier for OSP and received from supplier in terms of qty and cost.

      suppose if any damage happens and any loss in qty of osp items received from supplier that also should be captured.

      and if suppose there are 4 operations and 3rd operation is an OSP is there any option we can maintain seperate item code for OSP item after first 2 operations are completed and sent to supplier and receive item with different item code after op 3 is completed.

      Appreciate quick response as it is very urgent.

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          India Localization has a separate form called 57(F)4 to track these quantities.
          After Purchase Requisition gets created through the OSP flow, we need to create a PO/Release and approve it.
          India Localization code automatically explodes the BOM structure (based on the OSP Resource and Assembly )
          and fills in form 57(F)4 for you.

          User needs to Approve form 57(F)4, indicating that material has left the premises from Excise point of view.

          On Receiving the PO/Release, Another column in form 57(f)4 is automatically populated based on receipt quantity.
          You can edit the quantity manually if you want; you can also specify Scrap Quantity.

          and Approve the Receipt of form 57(F)4.

          there are relevant reports such as to identify stock present at specific vendor.


          Feel free to contact me at 9833242682 for more information.