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    Question about RAID Controllers

      Which Sun SPARC Servers come with preinstalled RAID controllers?

      So far I've found that the SPARC and Netra T Series Servers come with an integrated RAID/disk controller with RAID 0 and 1, but I haven't found anything for the SuperCluster, the Enterprise M-series, or the x86 servers.

      Any feedback is much appreciated.
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          x86 Server- depend from ordered configuration. You can order RAID controller or not.
          Enterprise M-series. Don not support RAID controller for boot-device.
          SuperCluster based on servers T4-4, that have internal RAID controller, but not shure that used.

          Current trend - use ZFS for boot-device. In this case Oracle recommend use ZFS-mirror pool instead internal RAID controller.

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            Thank you for your response. I did some more digging and found some information on the M-Series Servers, and apparently they do come with a RAID (SAS) controller.

            "The Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series also include an on-board SAS controller that supports RAID 1 with the use of Oracle Solaris."

            Here is the link:

            Any thoughts?
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              Open provided link.

              *The M3000 server's on-board SAS controller supports RAID 1 (mirroring) volumes using the Oracle
              Solaris OS raidctl utility.*

              Additional link:

              So corrected info:

              M3000 - Have RAID.
              M4000; M5000 - No RAID.
              M8000; M9000 - It depend from installed type of IOUA card.