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      Hi, can any one please guide me how to create reports as i am facing difficult in reporting the cash flow and histogram in P6

      1) Weekly tabular reports in P6 similar to as in P3 and
      2) Weekly cash flow in P6 (defalut shows only monthly cash flow)
      3) Weekly resource Histogram in P6 similar to as P3

      Thanks a lot, for this kind support
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          I find the Reports Wizard to be pretty helpful when creating reports.

          1. I'm not sure what you're referring to. Can you elaborate further?
          2. Under the Date Options of the Reports Wizard, click on Timescale and set the Date Interval to Week.
          3. For Resource Histograms, go to the View menu > Show on Bottom > Resource Usage Profile or Activity Usage Profile depending on your needs. Change the Date Interval (under Timescale) to Month/Week. Then adjust the settings in the Resource Usage Profile Options or Activity Usage Profile Options, to display what you need.

          Hope this helps!
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            Thank you very much sir, i have done it with Report wizard changing the time scale to weekly

            Further in resource spread sheet, can't we make similar way in the tools>reports; instead of using view menu and bottom

            Thanks for the kind help
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              I don't believe there is a way to display histograms through Reports. Reports are used to show data (dates, units, costs, etc) in tabular form, as opposed to the graphical nature of histograms.