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    Problem with DELL - PVT-124T

      In our costumer we have configured a Library: Dell - Pvt - 124 t. The costumer has 10 tapes. The library supports 18 slots.
      I configure the OSB on a VmWare host (costumer definition). The SO staff have added the library and the tape that are visible on sg_map:

      sg_map -i -x
      /dev/sg0 1 0 0 0 5 /dev/scd0 NECVMWar VMware IDE CDR10 1.00
      /dev/sg1 2 0 3 0 1 /dev/nst0 QUANTUM ULTRIUM 5 3180
      /dev/sg2 2 0 3 1 8 DELL PV-124T 0086
      /dev/sg3 3 0 0 0 0 /dev/sda VMware Virtual disk 1.0

      The configuration have worked fine on OSB, but I have one doubt. According the costumer: "The osb isn't moving the tapes. The OSB it is using just the first"
      I configure a default media family OSB-RMAN-Default to expire in 32 days in a 7 day window.

      I woundered that I should have to configure 18 dtes. 1 for each slot. Am I correct? The SO stuff have miss configured the library?

      Why the OSB is not using all the tapes and changes automatically?

      Thanks & Regards

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          Ok, not really sure what the situation is so will explain OSB behavior:

          1) OSB-RMAN-DEFAULT is a content-managed media family which means the RMAN recovery settings will apply.....ie RMAN recovery window of 32 days. For content-managed media families, OSB will not consider a tape available for reuse until all RMAN pieces on the tape have a DELETED attribute...which is done via the RMAN DELETE OBSOLETE command

          2) OSB will automatically span tapes. If the backup can use tape "1", it will until full or the write window closes. If a backup begins writting on one tape and needs more space to complete, OSB will automatically continue that backup on another tape sequentially

          3) A dte is a tape drive....if you have 18 tape drives, then configure 18 dte's. Only configure the number of dte's based on how many tape drives you have.

          4) If you want to limit the number of slots available to a particular tape drive, then you can via the drive's use list.

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            Thanks Donna for the answer.

            I'm sorry, The costumer is using a media family OSB-CATALOG-MF that is the default. That I have configured on RMAN script:

            run {
            allocate channel d1 device type sbt
            parms 'ENV=(OB_MEDIA_FAMILY=OSB-CATALOG-MF)';

            I just change the options of OSB-CATALOG-MF to keep the volume set for 32 days in a write window of 7 days (The default values are 7 days - write window and 14 days -- keep volume). The costumer is complain that the OSB is not mount the tape automatically and he has to perform a mount operation on OSB Web tool with overwrite so after that the backup works fine.
            I wondered that when a write window has reach the write window period of 7 days the backup is stopping and so we have to mount a tape manually.
            Do you have a suggestion that we needn't to perform a overwrite operation even so the write window of 7 days or 10 days has reached and the backup never stops?

            Thanks & Regards,

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              Hi, you should not use the OSB-CATALOG_MF for RMAN/database backups. That media family should be used to backup the OSB catalog.

              If you would like to create a time-managed media family for the RMAN/database backups, you can easily do that with the desired 32 day duration and 7 day write window.

              With a 7 day write-window, OSB will continue appending to the tape for 7 days, then close for further writes. The tape will then be retained for 32 days. Soooo at the end of 39 days (7 day write-window + 32 day duration), OSB will consider the tape expired and re-use it. Were you adding to two time periods together when determining when OSB would consider the tape reusable?

              As long as there are available tapes in the library, OSB should automatically use one. Is the customer getting, pending resource availablility error messages? If yes, this means OSB is waiting for an available tape or drive.

              Please refer to:

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                For RMAN backups, I suggest to use a content-managed media family so the RMAN backups are managed by RMAN and not by OSB. In RMAN, set the appropriate RMAN retention policy.
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                  Donna, thanks again.

                  The RMAN backup stay pending until we mount the tape by the web tool and when whe check on the Library there are a lot 9 tapes.
                  Should I insert a volume manually in each tape? by insertvol command? If I dont do that OSB will not use because the tapes are new?
                  But I will try use another media family with content-managed option and let the RMAN figure out the retention period.

                  I change these options of time on the media-family page in Web Tool, on configuration section.

                  Thanks & Regards,


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                    The fact that there are 9 tapes in the library isn't as important as if OSB considers them available for use. For example, an unexpired tape may be in the library but OSB won't use it because there is still valid data on it per user-policies. You need to find out if there are OSB useable tapes.

                    If you are using content-managed tapes, you need to setup RMAN retention and regularly issue RMAN DELETE OBSOLETE otherwise OSB won't know when all RMAN backup pieces on the tape are no longer needed. Another words, content-managed....RMAN retention is the authority on how long backups retained. OSB time-managed tapes...user defines a write window and keep duration...OSB won't reuse that tape for that period of time, once time up, OSB can reuse the tape.

                    OSB will use new tapes as needed. Did you insert/import the tapes into the library via the library? If yes, did you then run an OSB inventory so OSB was aware of the tapes? If not, OSB wouldn't know the tapes are there and wouldn't use them.

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                      Thanks again,

                      Actually I didn't run the inventory. But The costumer has inserted all the the tapes on library and I can "see" them on Library Dell Web Interface.
                      The next step is run the inventory?
                      Need I insert each tape on the drive and run inventory -L lib1 -D tape1?
                      Or If I run this command the OSB will read all the tapes and mount a inventory?
                      The costmer's tha has only one drive.

                      Thanks & Regards,

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                        After inserting tapes into a library, it is good practice to inventory the library. When you inventory the library, it identifies which tapes are in the drive(s) and in the slots. No need load the tape into a drive to inventory! The whole library is inventoried...until you explicitly inventory a subset of the library.

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                          It seems tha now Its ok after take a inventory:

                          ob> lsvol --library lib1
                          Inventory of library lib1:
                          in 2: barcode 000002L5
                          in 3: barcode 000003L5
                          in 4: barcode 000004L5
                          in 5: barcode 000005L5
                          in 6: barcode 000006L5
                          in 7: barcode 000007L5
                          in 8: barcode 000008L5
                          in 9: barcode 000009L5
                          in 10: barcode 000010L5
                          in 16: getting state: cleaning cartridge installed
                          in dte: barcode 000001L5, mediainfo hw encryptable

                          Now Its appearing all the tapes!

                          I am continues monitoring to check if the OSB will span the tapes.

                          Now I think that it will work properly.