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    Loyalty application error when creating records.

      I am new in Siebel world and we have just installed Siebel loyalty and the Siebel Customer eLoyalty Portal on a sandbox to learn the product features.
      The database has no data yet so I would like to create records.
      So I start Siebel Loyalty 8.2.1 client, connect to the server, go to Loyalty Program Administration and click new to create a new program. I put a entry for the Name field and I have nothing to select from the Program owner pick channel window because I did not create a partner yet. So I start the Siebel Partner manager ENU application 8.2.1, connect to the server. I go in the partner tab and try to create a new partner entering a partner name.
      Then I get this error when I press enter:
      An error has occurred writing to a record.
      Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration if the problem persists. (SQL-DBC-00111) ORA-01400 cannot insert NULL into ("SIEBEL"."S_ACCNT_POSTN"."POSITION_ID")
      I have Siebel admiinistrator access.
      What I am missing here to be able to enter data. The only field mandatory is the Partner name...

      Thank you for your help