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    [Help] fileRealm.properties can be removed from WLS 8.1(and higher) domain?


      According to WLS 11g manual. (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/web.1111/e13707/overview.htm )
      WLS uses myrealm by default and embedded LDAP is used as the data store for this.
      And the "fileRealm.properties" is not used by WLS unless and untill customer do not activate the "CompatibilityRealm"
      And ....

      some SRs and bugs say : .
      fileRealm.properties files are only used with compatibility realms and adapter authenticator.
      The reason to have the config wiz create filerealm.properties is that it allows the customer to reconfigure the domain later.
      The file "fileRealm.properties" may be treated as a dummy example file. This file is not used by weblogic unless and untill you do not activate the "CompatibilityRealm"
      So I guess fileRealm.properties file can be removed from domain if customer doesn’t use “compatibility realms”.
      But I need to be sure about this. The customer wants to remove this file from their production environment.
      ( If they have a test environment, We can test about this before removing from prod. But they have not test env sadly)

      If the customer don’t activate “CompatibilityRealm”, fileRealm.properties can be removed completely from their domain directory?
      WLS version is 8.1.5 and higher.

      Please help and let me sure.