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    [Oracle VM 3.1.1] vm backup

      Hi all,
      What is the best method or method that You use to backup full vm`s?

      Thanks in advance
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          Dave Smulsky
          Few options,

          1) Install a backup agent within the VM and back it up using traditional methods
          2) Clone to VM via OVMM and backup the data files
          3) Export the SR via NFS (via OVMM) and do crash consistant file backups of the data

          Option #1 would produce the best results (assuming your using a good system).. We use R1soft's Continuous Data Protection product, highly recommend it if your platform is Windows 2003+ or Linux (ext3/4)
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            There are some methods that can be used. There is only one method that can really take a hot "backup". Most storage arrays can do "snaphosts" or offer "replication" between storage devices. If you have this ability, you should use it. If not, then you will need to go with a guest based backup strategy. There is no method/product that I know of.... that will take a hot backup of a VM guest from either the VM manager or the servers themselves. I am sure there will be a product along soon. 3.1.1 has the ability to create a NFS share of any repository from a VM server. Currently, that share can not be backed up "hot". Yet, the ocfs2 filesystem should give a product the ability to do a hot backup. There just isn't a product offered at the moment.

            I personally use kick start scripting to rapidly deploy a VM guest. I can have a customized VM guest back up and running in a matter of minutes. I then use my backup product to restore the guest to its former function. Its no different than backing up any non VM environment.

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