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    java_home is not set

      dear all

      i have problem i cant install data base of primavera p6 r 8.2 i have new lap with windows 7 when i instal database the commad prompt open and there are massage java_home is not set i checked the path of variable java home by command ( cd %java_home%) and the massage was C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin the problem still there what can i do ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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          Create three java variables for P6 installation,follow the below procedure.

          I installed java in C:\Java32\ so created the variables like this;

          1) variable name: JAVA_HOME Value: c:\Java32\JRE1.6.0_27
          2) variable name: JRE_Location value: c:\Java32\jdk.1.6.0_27\jre
          3) variable name: p6_java_home value: c:\Java32\jdk.1.6.0_27