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    How to import/export/transfer, replicate UCM 11g with archive zip file

    Cuong Pham
      Hi everyone.
      I'm a newbie on Oracle WebCenter content. So, after running, testing on test environment, I have a trouble with migrate that environment to staging and production environment. On this document http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25178_01/webcenter.1111/e12405/wcadm_imp_exp.htm , I found a tool Folder Structure Archive to use as backup/restore tool.
      But I cannot found some tutorial or guide that show the way to do the task.

      On my imagine, if the situation is replicate contents to another content server instance, I must to create archive with Folder Structure Archive, then use Archiver to export to a zip file. And do the export step with that zip file with Archiver on clean instance to extract content.

      Are these steps true?

      And, how to do these step, please give me a guide.

      Any suggestions are appreciated.

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          Hi Cuong,

          Please try the below steps to configure the Folder Structure Archive for its base functionality, exporting designated folders and the content with those folders.

          A. Verify that the Folders_g and FolderStructureArchive components are enabled on both the source and target UCM servers

          B. On both the source and target UCM servers, add the required Folder Structure Archive parameters

          1. Edit the <WLS path>/user_projects/domains/<Domain>/ucm/cs/config/config.cfg file

          2. Add the following parameters:


          3. Save and exit the file

          4. Restart the UCM Managed Server

          C. Create the Folder Structure Archive on the target UCM

          1. Go to Administration --> Folder Archive Configuration

          2. In the Archive Name field enter the new archive name

          3. Click the Add button

          Note: The archive must be added prior to selecting the folders to archive

          4. In the Archive Name drop down menu select the new archive

          5 Click the + box to expand the folder tree

          6. Select the designated folders

          7. Click the Update button

          8. Go to Administration --> Admin Applets --> Archiver

          9. Select the archive

          10. Select Actions --> Export

          Leave the Delete Revisions box unchecked

          Leave the Export Tables box checked

          11. Click the OK button

          12. When complete, in the General tab click the View Batch Files button

          13. There should be at least two batch files

          One for the Collections table. It will be listed as:

          <date timestamp>/Collections_arTable~1.hda

          The other batch files will be for the content within the designated folders

          14. If the table and content batch files are present, the archive is now ready to be transfered and imported on the target UCM server

          Note: When importing the folder archive on the target UCM, when prompted, leave the Import Batched Revisions and Import Tables boxes checked

          Note: Now that the base functionality has been established, the Folder Structure Archive can be modified by editing the three Folder Structure Archive entries in the config.cfg file

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            Cuong Pham
            Hi Prabhu.
            Many thank for your help :)
            I have got many useful tips from you. But I'm wondering about what file can be copy to another instance?
            Can I compress archive folder to zip file and copy to another instance, then try to import the .hda file?

            Could you please show me the way to use the exported file/contents ? I'm trying to import/export manually, then automatically replicate. It's hard to find a step by step guide for newbie like me. So, I think your help is also very helpful to many other users.
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              Cuong Pham
              I've completed content migration with create a destination archive with "copy from" source archive. Then import batch files from destination archive to content servers. Anything works fine.
              Thank a bunch, Prabhu