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    How to create more than one ATG instance and run them on JBOSS


      Do you have step to step information about,
      How to create more than one ATG instances and run them on JBOSS.

      would like to run Motorprise and my application.

      Thank you

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          Nitin Khare
          You can create different ATG server instances using the makeDynamoServer script as:

          makeDynamoServer(.bat|.sh) <servername> <rmiport> <drpport>

          You can also use Configuration Manager from the dyn/admin of the default ATG server to create additional ATG server instances. The configurable ATG servers from any of the mentioned methods will be created within the <ATG>/home/servers/<servername> directory. So now when you assemble the ATG applications to create the EAR using runAssembler you can specify which server configuration to be used with the -server flag.

          Once you are done with the ATG server instance creation, you need to create similar servers instances on the JBoss side. You can simply create it by making a copy of the existing "default" server folder within <JBOSS>\server directory. After this rename the copied folder as you want say: production, publishing etc. You will then have to configure the ports for these newly defined JBoss server instances. This would be done differently for JBoss 4 and 5. You can refer this for more on this:


          Once done with JBoss port configuration, deploy the generated ATG EARs in the corresponding JBoss server instance and then start the servers:

          run(.bat|.sh) -c production
          run(.bat|.sh) -c publishing

          Make sure that ATG datasources are also configured within the ATG servers and also correctly defined within the JBoss server instances also. Hope this helps.

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