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    Image Content Item not available

      I am trying to add a new image content in Site Studio.

      I Click on the "New" icon -> "Copy" -> "From Local", choose the image (jpeg) and Fill Out the "Check-In" form. I see that the new content Item is added in the list of Images.

      1) I refresh the list. The newly added content is gone.
      2) I open my page inContributor mode. I go to image elementl and try to browse for this newly added image. I am not able to find it.
      3) I try searching for the image in UCM Search form - with the Content ID. I am still not able to find the content.

      So, I thought the content was not created in the first place and tried to upload my image again, with the same Content Id. It says my Content Id is not unique - only that I am not able to find the content with that Content Id.

      Can someone please help me debug this?
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          Sounds like the content item might be failing conversion (with status GenWWW). This would mean the item would not show up in the search index.

          Try calling IdcService=DOC_INFO_BY_NAME&dDocName=CONTENT_ID_GOES_HERE and see if the content item is failing conversion.

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            So, another developer had created a Workflow (for testing some stuff) that will pickup all Images for Review. It was holding up all the images that I was uploading.

            Now, I got the workflow disabled. The Contents have gotten released, and those content are now available from the image element.


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