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    VB Smartview - Retreive Ancestor of Entity for HFM

      Dear all,

      I want to get dynamically all the ancestor of an entity with VB Smarview. In the Oracle Smartview document, there is a VBA functions which allows to return the ancestor of a dimension member :

      HypGetAncestor (vtSheetName, vtMemberName, vtLayerType, intLayerNum, vtAncestor)
      + vtSheetName: Text name of worksheet to operate on. vtSheetName is of the form
      "[Book.xls]Sheet". If vtSheetName is null, empty, or invalid (nonexistent or name does not
      match exactly), the active sheet is used.

      + vtLayerType: Specify either “Gen” or “Level”. If vtLayerType is Null or Empty, Gen is taken as
      + vtMemberName: Specify a member name. Required field.
      + intLayerNum: Specify the Level/Generation number. Required Field.
      + vtAncestor: Output. Contains the ancestor name on successful execution of the macro.

      But it says this function HypGetAncestor is used for Data Source types : Essbase. and in HFM, there isn't the notion of Number of Generation and Level

      I want to know if i can use it anyway for HFM by letting Level 0 ?

      Thank you in advance

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