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    Dependency/Notification & bulk commits.

      I observed that the OracleDependancy notification do not return all rows(RowId) affected by dml statements like 'Update myTable set myField = 'Myvalue' where id < 1000'
      The RowID column is empty in this case.
      Is this by design ?, is there any work around to get all updates ?
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          Mark Williams-Oracle
          Are both client and server at least version 11.1?

          Have you taken a look at the Database Change Notification Support section in the Oracle Data Provider for .NET documentation?


          Also, see the following discussion (Using Continuous Query Notification (CQN)) from the database docs:


          From the ROWID Option section:

          "Too many rows were changed in a single registered object within a transaction (the upper limit is approximately 80)."

          [ link accurate as of posting ]

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