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    Design Suggestion

    Samdani Gulam

      I am involved in designing the Applications for desktop , mobile and tablet. I need some suggestions how should I approach , I want to keep services classes(Manager,Tools or any Utils) in the common module and build on top of it.

      1. should I create separate EAR's for three applications
      2. should I create a single EAR and redirect the users by changing the contxt path like /site or /mobile or /tablet

      if any other suggestions are there please share it.
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          Nooruddin Shaik
          Create a single ear file and direct the user based on user agent /site, /mobile etc.

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            Nitin Khare
            Your application's main module structure can contain different sub-modules like common/base, BCC/versioning and other sub-modules. As you mentioned all of your common piece of server-side functionality, common components and repository definitions can go in the common/base sub-module within your main module structure. There can be one common-ui kind of a sub-module also which can hold common front-end stuff like JS, common CSS, images etc. Then there can be one sub-module for the actual customer facing application. These sub-modules can declare dependency on the common/base sub-module.

            I would also go with having a single EAR for the customer facing app sub-module. Now within that EAR you can have different web-apps (WARs) with different context-roots as per your requirements. Having different web-apps will also allow you to bring in device specific changes to the application e.g. adding a device specific filters in case required.
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              Use a single ear, as said explained in the above comments, plus your requirement can be easily accomplished if you are ATG10 using the ATG Multisite feature and direct the user to specific domains using this feature.

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                Samdani Gulam
                Thank you all for giving your valuable suggestions .