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    AME Approval for PO Requisition


      Want to send PO Requisition Approval to Project Manager(From Project Attached on PO Requisition Distribution)
      Is it possible to achive this through AME ?

      Please provide high level steps.

      Thanks and Regards,
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          You can do the following

          1) Add union to the existing approval group to pick up project manager is project_id is present in req distributions.
          1) Create a new group for project manager approval
          2) Create a new attribute to check if project_id present in distribution
          3) Create condition and then rule to use this approval group.

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            If the PO Requisition approval hierarchy is a simple one, you can directly use the Employee supervisor hierarchy, without the need for AME.
            If you have little complex approval requirements, then AME can serve you better.
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              Hi Praveen,

              Thanks for reply.

              I created 2 Custom Attributes
              1)XX_INV_ORG To return Inv Org name
              select DISTINCT mp.organization_code
              from  mtl_parameters mp,
                    po_requisition_headers_all prh,
                   po_requisition_lines_all prl
              where 1=1
              and   mp.organization_id  =  prl.destination_organization_id 
              and    prh.requisition_header_id  = prl.requisition_header_id
              and   prh.requisition_header_id = po_ame_setup_pvt.get_new_req_header_id(:transactionId)
              2)XX_PM_ID To return Manager Id from Requisition
              SELECT  distinct fu.employee_id
              FROM    pa_project_players ppp,
                      fnd_user fu,
                      po_req_distributions_v prd,
                      po_requisition_lines prl
              WHERE   ppp.person_id = fu.employee_id
              and     ppp.project_id = prd.project_id
              AND     prd.requisition_line_id = prl.requisition_line_id
              AND     ppp.project_role_type = 'PROJECT MANAGER'
              AND     sysdate between ppp.start_date_active and nvl(end_date_active, sysdate + 1)
              AND     prl.requisition_header_id =po_ame_setup_pvt.get_new_req_header_id(:transactionId)
              (For both used below condition in WHERE clause)
              prl.requisition_header_id = po_ame_setup_pvt.get_new_req_header_id(:transactionId)

              If XX_INV_ORG = X01

              In Action Types
              Rule Type Chain Of Authority
              Name XX_POR_X01_ACTION
              Description XX_POR_X01_ACTION
              Handler XX_POR_X01_ACTHAND
              Allowed Approver Types FND Users
              Required Attributes XX_PM_ID

              What needs to be entered in Create Action Parameter One ?

              My requirement is If XX_INV_ORG = X01 THEN Notification approval should go to XX_PM_ID

              Appreciate your help.


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