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    Language Issue - Getting mixed languages on same page.

      We have created a portal header with a language bar on it that shows a few supported languages like English & French. Clicking any of these languages will trigger a javascript function that:

      - Does a synchronous call to an iScript using XMLHTTP. Selected language is passed as a URL parameter.
      - Once the XMLHTTP call is done, a page reload is triggered via window.location.reload(true);

      * The iScript calls SetLanguage(&selectedLanguageCd) to set the current session's language accordingly.

      In most cases, this approach appears to work fine. The page gets reloaded with all the text already in the selected language.

      However, we found a scenario where the user selects French, goes to a PeopleSoft delivered page (everything is displayed in french), selects English and then finds that certain sections of the page -- like the Title and text of the buttons -- remain in French. Everything else is in English. I doubt this has got something to do with cache because we are able to reproduce the issue consistently -- even after bouncing and clearing the cache on the server side.

      I can't quite figure out what or where the problem is. Any tip / suggestion / advise given would be appreciated.

      Portal 9.1
      PT 8.52

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