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    Insert data from Oracle Database 11G into 10G


      I need to insert data from my Oracle 11G to my Oracle 10G. I have no support for my Oracle 10G.

      In the past, I was able to do this between two Oracle 10G using the following :

      - One DBLink on the server APEX1 that point to the server PROD1 (DLPROD1).
      - One DBLink on the server PROD1 that point to the server APEX1 (DLAPEX1).
      - One procedure commande_directe on the server PROD1.
           Code of the procedure commande_directe :
           procedure commande_directe ( chaine IN varchar2 )


                execute immediate chaine;


      Now, the server APEX1 as been upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit and my server PROD1 is in Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release (I can't upgrade this server because the contract support wasn't renew and because the product that use the database isn't certified on 11G).

      Since this upgrade, we can't insert data from APEX1 to PROD1. We get this error message :

      execute sic_commande_directe@DLPROD1 ('insert into olivier (column1) (select dossier from sic_al@DLAPEX2)')
      Rapport d'erreur :
      ORA-04052: erreurs lors de la consultation de l'objet distant S9881_GL_00.SIC_COMMANDE_DIRECTE@DLPROD1
      ORA-00604: une erreur s'est produite au niveau SQL récursif 1
      ORA-06544: PL/SQL: internal error, arguments: [55916], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
      ORA-06553: PLS-801: internal error [55916]
      ORA-02063: précédant 2 lines de DLPROD1

      Do you know how solve this issue ? (remember that the support of our Oracle Database 10G wasn't renew, but I have support for my Oracle Database 11G).