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    Samrt View error: XML Load Error


      A user got the following message when refress all sheet in Smart View (version

      XML load failure- check your XLM response.

      The user is able to refresh the sheets one by one.

      Thanks and regards,

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          Gunasekaran Rayar-Oracle
          Hi Carsten,

          In IIS 7.0, modify the following:

          In IIS Manager,

          Select the HFM virtual directory, in the ASP Page section, under the "Limits

          Properties", modify the the properties - "Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit" and "Response Buffering Limit" to 1073741824..

          If you have Request Filtering Installed;

          In the HFM virtual directory, in the Request Filtering section, click on "Edit Feature Settings...", in the Request Limits section, modify the attribute "maxAllowedContentLength" to 1073741824.

          Restart IIS.

          Verify that the settings done on IIS exists and test if that helps.

          Thanks and regards,
          Gunasekaran Rayar