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    Reports data visibility issue - both realtime & analytical

      1. Bob (Books of Business) is disabled and we do not use this feature
      2. We have 4 teams (example: Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D). Users in a Team will be delegated to each other so that they see the service requests raised within the Team. Example: If there are 10 users, each Team member in Team A will be delegated to each other. Whenever the Team A user logs in, they will see other team A users service requests in "All Service Requests". - THIS WORKS FINE
      3. In Realtime reporting, the default book of Analytics is taken as "User +" (ie, user name +). The report shows only the user logged in.. THIS IS ALSO NOT ACCEPTABLE.. This should show up all service requests in the team where the logged in user belongs. Example: if Team A user logs in, the user should see all service requests raised by the users in Team A.
      4. In analytics reporting, whatever user is selected in Look In Selector (in the "Reports" tab), the same data appears in analytics report also - THIS IS ALSO NOT ACCEPTABLE.

      Company level settings:
      Reporting Area - Team Visibility
      Historical Reporting Area - Full Visibility

      Please help me with tips to get this working (Point 3 and Point 4)