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    advice please

      It appears I need to wait till managed odp.net is available and get VS2010


      Oracle database 11g r2 running on a web enabled(accessible Linux server 32b). Client a Windows XP 32b running VS2008 with Database Data Access Components Documentation 11g Release 2 ( Oracle.DataAccess.dll

      Sample Program modified for my own database from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/dotnet/cook-vs08-088541.html
      runs well.

      Question what is the process to allow someone else to remotely to run this application. Just copying the exe file does not work. I believe they must register the dll but how.

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          Right now, the person you want to run that would need to have an Oracle client installed.

          If you're using the managed provider instead, you include it as a reference, set Copy Local = True, and either make a simple installer (which Visual Studio can do for you) or copy the .dll along with the .exe and .config.