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    Webcenter Analytics setup in Portal application

      Hi ,

      Am setting up Webcenter Analytics for my ADF application(PS3).

      1. What port I should use for my collector (default port is 31314)? should it be the same port as my analytic Managed server(Wc_Utilities)?

      2. My application is a custom made one using ADF; Every time I have to deploy and undeploy my application. For using the task flows, I will log into my application and make necessary changes. What will happen when i undeploy my application once i make the setup and redeploy it? Will my taskflow stay or will it be deleted?

      Please assist me configure Analytics.

      WebLogic Server Version:

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          Hello Venkat,

          the port you should be using for your collector should NOT be the same port as the one the Wc_Utilities Managed Server is running on, it is a specifict port the analytics collector is listening on for event to register. Port 31314 is a good one to use, since it's the default one, but actually any unused port can be used.

          Make sure you register the collector as a Portal Services for your custom portal as well (see chapter 13 of the Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter PortaL). This chapter gives a good overview of the this you have to do in order to get analytics gathering information of your portal.

          I am not sure what you mean with your second question, but I'll try to answer it in the way I understand it.

          When you undeploy an application, the analytics data (in the ACTIVITIES database schema) is not purged. So after redeploying your application, the old analytics data is still present.
          When you undeploy an application, the MDS is not purged, so any run-time customization made to your portal are still present (eg. pages created at run-time, customizations made to task-flows etc).


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            Thank you Harold.

            One more query.

            If i try to access the URL http://<hostname>:<analyticsserver port>/collector will the application be visible or not?
            Am getting 403 Forbidden error when attempted to access the application.

            Also my task flow shows error - "Analytics Service is not available: datasource could not be found."