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    PRCS: TMP directory ?

      Hi all,

      During a new install of PT8.52.11, all done fine.
      Creating the process scheduler went also fine except that warning:
      Quick-configure menu -- domain: hcmdemo1
            Features                      Settings
           ==========                    ==========
        1) App Engine        : Yes    6) DBNAME     :[hcmdemo1]
        2) Master Scheduler  : Yes    7) DBTYPE     :[ORACLE]
                                      8) PrcsServer :[PSUNX]
                                      9) UserId     :[PS]
                                     10) UserPswd   :[PS]
                                     11) ConnectID  :[people]
                                     12) ConnectPswd:[peop1e]
                                     13) ServerName :[]
                                     14) Log/Output Dir:[%PS_SERVDIR%/log_output]
                                     15) SQRBIN     :[%PS_HOME%/bin/sqr/%PS_DB%/bin]
                                     16) AddToPATH  :[]
        3) Load config as shown
        4) Custom configuration
        5) Edit environment settings
        h) Help for this menu
        q) Return to previous menu
      Enter selection (1-16, h, or q): 3
      Performing load prechecks ...
      Loading validation table...
        setting DBName=hcmdemo1
        setting DBType=ORACLE
        setting UserId=PS
        setting UserPswd=PS
        setting ConnectId=people
        setting ConnectPswd=peop1e
        setting ServerName=
        setting PrcsServerName=PSUNX
        setting Log/Output Directory=%PS_SERVDIR%/log_output
        setting Add to PATH=
        setting SQRBIN=%PS_HOME%/bin/sqr/%PS_DB%/bin
      New CFG file written with modified Startup parameters
      Log Directory entry not found in configuration file.
      Setting Log Directory to the default... [PS_SERVDIR/LOGS]
      Spawning disabled for server PSDSTSRV.
      Configuration file successfully created.
      CFG setting changes completed
      Loading configuration...
      The domain does not appear to have a TMP directory set in the configuration.
      Your environment will inherit the value of TMP from the parent environment
      Domain configuration complete.
      PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Administration
           Domain Name: hcmdemo1
        1) Boot this domain
        2) Domain shutdown menu
        3) Domain status menu
        4) Configure this domain
        5) TUXEDO command line (tmadmin)
        6) Edit configuration/log files menu
        7) Clean IPC resources of this Domain
        q) Quit
      Command to execute (1-7, q) :
      Note that the processes work well on this server, just this warning is coming out each time I reconfigure the domain.
      I'm wondering where it is coming from, and what I've missed.
      Anyone ?

      OS = Oracle Linux 6.3
      user = all onstall done with one user

      NB2: reconfigure the apps does not produce this warning.


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          Regarding that problem, not sure it's linked with my problem above, but I've read someting about temporary and output directories from the Peoplebooks below
          on the footnote :
          +"When implementing a read-only PS_HOME, consider that environment locations to which processes write files can't be in a read-only location. Settings for "temporary" directories and "output" directories should not be located within the PS_HOME directory structure. For example, the default temporary directory locations are C:\Documents and Settings\<user>.PEOPLESOFT\Local Settings\Temp (Windows) and %root%\TMP (UNIX)."+
          I'm really not sure what is it about, and what are those settings.

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            I patched my environment recently to 8.52.11, running on windows. Had no issues with the process scheduler on windows.
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              I have the same message.

              My PS_HOME is same as PS_CFG_HOME.It comes when i configure Process Scheduler in Windows.
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                I have this exact warning message as well and I think there's a line in the domain configuration file somewhere where you can specify a temp directory. I'm not sure which line it is, but I'm confident that it is because of the domain configuration file.
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                  It should have been introduced somewhere between patch 8.52.03 and 8.52.11.
                  I've just done an exact same install with patch 8.52.03 and this warning is not there... hmmm

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                    Searched for "TMP/TEMP" through those patches and found this entry in .11:

                    14301709     IDENTIFY A DIRECTORY TO WRITE INTERMEDIATE FILES INSTEAD WRITING INSECURE TMPDIR     Post Windows 2008 Server, Windows appends the session ID with the User Temp Path which is deleted once user logs off. This causes certain sub-process which relies on Windows Temp Path like Pagelet Wizard to crash. This resolution would add the possibility of other non-volatile Temporary Path Location like {LOGDIR}.
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                      Nice catch. Thanks. I should have read the readme file from patch much earlier. However it seems to address a (Unpublished) bug on Windows introducing warning I would not want to see on Linux (whatever my OS, I don't like warning).

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                        I agree. It raised some alarm bells with me as well, since I've never seen that warning message.
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                          And finally the answer is here :
                          *E-AS: Windows 2008 TEMP Directory and the Use of XSL Transformation PeopleCode API [ID 1486978.1]*+
                          Special thanks to Yvonne who sent me an email about that.
                          To make it short, for the existing domains, add the following two lines containg temp reference in the .ubx file of your domain ($PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/prcs/<your_domain>/psprcsrv.ubx) :
                          And magically, warning just gone. It will create subdirectory like $PS_CFG_HOME/appserv/prcs/<your_domain>/{LOGDIR}/tmp, most of the time {LOGDIR} is named LOGS.
                          It works for Windows as well as for Linux.

                          If you want to make it working for the new domain, do it also in the file $PS_HOME/appserv/prcs/psprcsrv.ubx.

                          It seems it will be solve in Peopletools 8.53 and back ported in PT8.52.