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    Boost endeca records

    Tijomon Mathew
      Hi, we are using endeca 6.0 and we have a requirement to boost some of the records in search result, i went through http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28910_01/MDEX.622/pdf/BasicDevGuide.pdf documentation, can somebody help me how to use EQL to achieve this or how can i achieve using endeca work bench.
      Tijomon Mathew
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          Michael Peel-Oracle
          Have you tried the steps outlined on page 82, section "Using the ERec Search class"? If so, what part are you having problems with?

          Experience Manager provides a nice interface for specifying the records to boost (so setting up the search term(s) that contain results that should have boosted products, a picker to select the products to boost etc.), but under the hood it uses the Stratify module documented in the Boost/Bury sorting for Endeca records section of the Basic Developer's Guide you linked to.