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      fresh install of OLAP at customer's site. When trying to create a cube in AWM, we get CREATE privilege missing. The user we have created tje AW with, has OLAP_USER rights and was also granted "create dimension" as well as "create cube dimension". Yet, only upon granting OLAP-DBA, does the error message go away. Since the user is working solely in his own schema, that error doesn't make much sense to us.

      Any help appreciated.
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          Which version of AWM and the database are you using? Is the error coming from AWM or the database? You could try creating a dimension and cube using the DBMS_CUBE.IMPORT_XML procedure in PL/SQL to see if that works.
          <Metadata Version="1.1">
            <StandardDimension Name="TEST_DIM">
                  <AW Name="TEST_AW"/>
            <Cube Name="TEST_CUBE">
              <Dimensionality Name = "TEST_DIM">
                <Dimension Name = "TEST_DIM"/>
                  <AW Name="TEST_AW"/>
            <AW Name="TEST_AW"/>
          Run this directly as the user with the OLAP_USER role. If it doesn't work, then paste the error message here.