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    BIP Data Model Data Type Issue

      We just updated from BI Publisher to and a problem showed up. The data model editor has decided that all numeric values are integers. And I can't change the data type on columns in the editor anymore. I have numeric values in the query with decimal precision and the data model declares them to be integers regardless. Having the wrong data type in the data model causes problems in Interactive layouts.

      Interactive layout seems to ignore any value that doesn't fit the data type. I have a simple report showing three rows with a text column, and a numeric value column. The XML data looks good. Saved the full result as the sample XML. All of the values show up correctly when editing the layout. But when running the report and viewing the layout the numeric values show up blank. The full output shows up in every other layout. If I round the values to integers in the query then everything shows up in interactive layout.

      In the previous version I could change the data type of the column to match the query. Is it still possible to do this in The data source for the query is Oracle 10.2. This was working correctly in

      Is this a bug or a configuration issue? How do I get numeric values to show up in Interactive layouts again?

      Thank you.