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    How to map a missing value to a member?

    Mehmet Sevinc
      Hi all,

      Let say I have 3 dimensions in my data source file:

      Account, Entity, Product, Data
      A400, E100, P200, 10000
      A401, E110, P300, 20000
      A401, ,P400, 30000

      As you can see in the third record, Entity is missing. How can I map this to, let's say, No_Entity? In my Entity mapping table, Type: Like, I have tried using Null and Missing as the Rule Definition, but neither worked.

      Couple of clarifications: This is for an Essbase BSO cube. In my real case, the missing values are not Entity members, but 3 custom dimension members.

      Any ideas?

      We are on

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          You have a couple of options:

          1) Add a wilcard mapping to your entity maps which maps anything you have not explicitly mapped to NoEntity i.e. * --> NoEntity
          2) You cannot have an empty string as a source value so in your import format, associate an import script with the Entity dimension source field entry and check the length of the string of the source field as it comes in. If the length is 0 assign a value of NoEntity to be returned and map that source value explicitly inyour Entity map