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    ExecuteSQL getting failed

      int tmain(int argc, TCHAR* argv[])
           ODatabase odb;
           oresult res = odb.Open("MICROSOFT", "OMNIPOS", "OMNIPOS");
           char pSqlStmt[500];
           OSqlStmt osql;
      ///////////////////////////////procedure Creation/////////////////
           strcpy(pSqlStmt,"create or replace PROCEDURE newprocedure(inEmpName IN                VARCHAR2,outEmpno OUT NUMBER)\n AS \n");
           strcat(pSqlStmt,"select ROLL into outEmpno from Egtable WHERE NAME = inEmpName;\n");      
           strcat(pSqlStmt,"update Egtable set ROLL = outEmpno WHERE NAME = inEmpName;\n");
           oresult ot = odb.ExecuteSQL(pSqlStmt);
           if (ot == OSUCCESS)
                OValue val;
                odb.GetParameters().Add("ENAME","Zac", OPARAMETER_INVAR, OTYPE_VARCHAR2);
                odb.GetParameters().Add("ROLLNO",0, OPARAMETER_OUTVAR, OTYPE_NUMBER);          
                oresult oot = odb.ExecuteSQL("Begin newprocedure(:ENAME,:ROLLNO); End;");
                oresult i = odb.GetParameters().GetParameter("ROLLNO").GetValue(&val);
                cout<< "value is " << (const char*) val<<endl;



      In the above program procedure(' newprocedure') got succesfully created coz oresult return Success but this line >>>>
      oresult oot = odb.ExecuteSQL("Begin newprocedur(:ENAME,:ROLLNO); End;"); getting failed, i didnt get the problem.Please helpme with solution.
      And my table look like this


      Roll      Name
      1     kate     
      3     Zac

      Please help me with solution.