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    Regarding Error in weblogic 11g deployment

      The following Error occured when i deploy my Application in WEBLOGIC 11G Please can anyone help me for resolving this Urgent Issue..

      Error occurred while processing weblogic-rdbms-bean.xml file: ‘fileName‘. Encountered an unexpected version of XML file. Make sure that your weblogic-rdbms-bean.xml file is the correct version (e.g. a common error is to use a 6.0.0 CMP20 cmp xml file on a 5.1.0 CMP11 Bean).EJB Name:com.foursoft.elog.chargeBasis.ejb.cmp.chargeBasisBean.XML processor:'Weblogic.ejb.container.cmp.rdbms.weblogicCmp20Loader_WLS810'