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how to insert images without rebuilding the '.ear' file

PratikMhatre Newbie
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Is there any way so that we can insert images into production without rebuilding the '.ear' file?
Through BCC,we can only give path of the images that are already present in ear file.
how can we insert images?
Please reply ASAP.

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    Gurvinder Pro
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    I dont think pushing images and static content to the ear is the right thing to do.
    The webserver is used for holding the static content and not the application server.
    All static content should be placed on to your webserver in the production environment, which can be updated as and when required without restarting the actual application server.
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    Gautam Singh Journeyer
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    As Gurvinder mention its not a good practice to put images and static files into your EAR. Are images part of your EAR?
    If you want to do it without building EAR you can place them inside tmp (JBOS_HOME/servers/{YOUR SERVER}/tmp/{SOME_CRYPTIC_FOLDER}/{YOUR EAR}/{IMG FOLDER}) folder if you are on JBoss and using unexploded EAR. Also to note the changes will be gone after server restart.
    If you are using exploded EAR you can place them in deploy folder(JBOS_HOME/servers/{YOUR SERVER}/deploy/{YOUR EAR}/{IMG FOLDER})

    Though as I said its not a good practice to mess around with you production environment, so use it as your last resort.
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    973494 Newbie
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    Did you tryed to create a targeter pointing to a FTP file? And when you need change the image you only change in FTP and keep the same name.

    Don't forget about cash configuration.

    We have sheduled FTP's syncs to updtade the images and some details in cash configurations.


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