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    Endeca Issue

      i am unable to get contents related to my cartridgess in json, even though i created cartridges in Experiance manaer and wrote related jsp's also, even though i am unable to get contents(content Collection), can you help me if any any one know for what i am getting this problem and i can i resolve this issue.

      "@type": "PageSlot",
      "name": "Static Page Slot",
      "contentCollection": "/content/subCategoryCollection",
      "ruleLimit": "1",
      "endeca:siteRootPath": "/pages",
      "endeca:contentPath": "/subcat",
      "contents": [

      "@type": "TwoColumnPage",
      "name": "Two-Column Page",
      "title": "Discover Electronics",
      "metaKeywords": "camera cameras electronics",
      "metaDescription": "Endeca eBusiness reference application.",
      "headerContent": [ ],
      "secondaryContent": [
      "@type": "ContentSlotSecondary",
      "name": "Navigation",
      "contentCollection": "/content/guidedNavigationCollection",
      "ruleLimit": "1",
      "contents": [
      "@type": "GuidedNavigation",
      "name": "Navigation Container",
      "navigation": [
      "@error": "com.endeca.infront.navigation.NavigationException: com.endeca.navigation.ENEException: HTTP Error 404 - Navigation Engine not able to process request 'http://WID0609.PABNG.COM:18000/graph?node=102207&select=product.endDate|product.description|product.template.url|product.productCode|sku.displayName|product.creationDate|product.displayName|sku.creationDate|product.startDate|product.daysAvailable|product.briefDescription|product.dateAvailable|product.thumbnailImage.url|sku.repositoryId|product.repositoryName|product.catalogs.repositoryId|product.repositoryId|product.keywords|product.baseUrl|sku.onSale|sku.type|common.id|product.longDescription&refinement=dimvalid:102387+dynrank:0+exposed:1&refinement=dimvalid:102388+dynrank:0+exposed:1&refinement=dimvalid:100972+dynrank:0+exposed:1&sort=product.analytics.total_sales|asc&offset=0&nbins=12&autophrase=1&autophrasedwim=1&irversion=630'.",
      "@type": "RefinementMenu",
      "showMoreLink": false,
      "sort": "default",
      "boostRefinements": [ ],
      "maxNumRefinements": "200",
      "numRefinements": "10",
      "name": "Categories",
      "moreLinkText": "Show More Refinements...",
      "lessLinkText": "Show Less Refinements...",
      "dimensionName": "product.category",
      "dimensionId": "100972",
      "buryRefinements": [ ]
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          Branchbird - Pat
          It looks like you have an error message in your Guided Navigation response.

          If you check the dgraph logs on your MDEX server, you should be able to get the full detail regarding what went wrong with your query to the engine. From the information below, you should be looking on the WID0609 machine at the logs\dgraphs\[DGRAPHID]\[DGRAPHID].log file underneath your application's working directory.


          Patrick Rafferty
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            Branchbird - Pat
            One other question I forgot to ask, is your dgraph running on port 18000? The error you're getting is a 404 which could also mean you're trying to hit a dgraph that's not active (or running on a different port).

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              Terry Wilson
              Ensure that the cartridges copied from the reference application do not contain any old references to ref app Discover properties, this can cause an error to be thrown. Amend the cartridges for your own props, sort props, rel ranks etc