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    RMAN catalog database migration

      Hello all.

      I've got a question which actually is a simple doubt. In one of the environments we've got a RMAN catalog database which has some database cataloging the backups on it. For example, we've got the database PROD with catalog at RMAN database using the string:

      rman target user/pass@PROD catalog RMAN_PROD/pass@RMAN

      The RMAN database has a user with a specific tablespace for each production database. So, it means that the database PROD, at RMAN database, its catalog it's under the user RMAN_PROD which uses its own tablespace.

      My doubt is: I've created a new RMAN database, named RMAN_NEW. I'd like to export the schema from RMAN and import it into RMAN_NEW and then point the PROD database to user at RMAN_NEW. When I connect using the string below, will it be necessary to create a catalog and register the database again?

      rman target user/pass@PROD catalog RMAN_PROD/pass@RMAN_NEW