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    Time Zone After Default PeopleSoft installation

      After the default Installation i see the time zone is set by default to PDT.I have made the Base Time Zone change to CST in PeopleTools -> Utilities-> Administration->PeopleTools Options but still the process shows as PDT?

      Is there some thing that needs to be done in PeopleTools->Utilities ->International >TimeZones to have CDT show up ?
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          I'm not sure if I understand your question--which process still shows as PDT?

          If you haven't already, you should check the "Setting and Maintaining Time Zones" section in the PeopleTools 8.51 Global Technology PeopleBook.

          You might want to look at PeopleTools > Personalizations > Personalization Options, select the PeopleTools category and check the LTZONE and TZONE settings. LTZONE defines the local time zone, and TZONE defines whether or not the local time zone is used by default.

          Otherwise CDT should be defined as the "ID for DST" associated with the CST timezone, and you need to look at the Daylight Savings Data tab to see if/when daylight saving time is in effect for that timezone. Switch to the DST IDs page to see what each DST Start/End ID represents.

          Depending on your PeopleTools version, you may have to apply a DST update to get the most current DST rules.
          Check the following support note for details:

          U.S. Daylight Saving Time Changes in 2007: Impact to PeopleSoft Enterprise Customers [ID 651434.1]

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            Thanks a Lot..It did help.