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    Authoring Instance with ATG: Yes or No?

      The ATG integration guide for Endeca states

      "For each ATG Server instance, you must have at least one unique Endeca application and corresponding MDEX.
      For example, if you are configuring a publishing server and a production server, you will need a minimum of two
      Endeca applications and two MDEX instances. If your product catalog has data in multiple languages, the exact
      number of Endeca applications you have per server depends on your approach to indexing these languages, as
      described below." - Oracle ATG Endeca Integration Guide 10.1.1, page 2

      This seems to call for individual Endeca MDEX instances that will be used for publishing (a.k.a. "Staging", "Preview Server") and production (a.k.a. "Commerce", "DRP server", etc)

      Having individual Endeca MDEX instances seems to take away the concept of using Endeca Authoring with ATG. However, Endeca Authoring seems like a good match for the ATG publishing/staging/previewServer environment.

      "The authoring instance is a development environment for a content administrator to develop, test, and
      preview content changes for a site. A content administrator can immediately see changes reflected in
      the authoring application.When the content administrator is satisfied with the authoring application,
      he or she can promote the configuration and content from the authoring application to the live application
      that is available to front-end application users."

      What is the recommended go-forward approach? How does Endeca Authoring fit into the ATG ecosystem?