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    Does Golden Gate supports column level replication?

      Could I get some help from Oracle expert(s) on this issue:

      Does Golden Gate support:
      1)     Only replication of full tables?
      2)     Or, replication on a column-by-column basis (column level replication)?

      E.g. table A has 5 columns, I need to replicate 2 columns of table A

      I can understand that we can omit certain rows from being replicated based on the column value or we can do Data selection and filtering using a WHERE clause or FILTER statement.
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          Annamalai A

          Yes , you can replicate full table level or column level data with help of Oracle GoldenGate , the below parameters will help you to achive your requirments,

          1. Use COLS and COLSEXCEPT to control column selection.

          2. Use COLS to specify columns whose data you want to synchronize. All other columns are ignored by Oracle GoldenGate.

          3. Use COLSEXCEPT to exclude columns from synchronization. All other columns are processed by Oracle GoldenGate. For tables with numerous columns, COLSEXCEPT may be more efficient than listing each column with COLS.

          Hopefully this will help you