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    VS2010 - C# add libdb_csharp.dll

      I have a question. Every time i try to add the libdb_csharp53d.dll ore some other dlls from the berkeley i get the following error

      Please help me i couldn't solve this problem for about 10 hours of searching the web and testing out stuff but nothing really helped to fix my error.

      Thank you very much
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          You should add "libdb_dotnet*.dll" instead of "libdb_csharp*.dll". The libdb_dotnet*.dll is the .Net library to P/Invoke native libraries libdb*.dll, and libdb_csharp*.dll. The libdb_csharp*.dll is the wrapper of BDB native library libdb*.dll.

          You could refer to http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17076_02/html/programmer_reference/csharp.html.

          Hope it helps.

          Emily Fu, Oracle Berkeley DB