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    Instant client on windows 8

      Does instant client works on windows 8?
      I have windows 8 x32 Release Preview, oracle instant client basic-nt and launch error "Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019."
      PS: It works fine with same settings of environment variables on windows 7 (ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, PATH).
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          Why would it?

          Win 8 and Server 2012 support is in the plans or so it seems. See SoD at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/windows/whatsnew/index.html

          Note that it most likely will not include any "Release Preview", CTP or similar releases. Only GA versions of Windows.
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            Anyone found a solution yet? I seem to be running into the same issue:

            Connection attempt failed. Message: Failed to connect to database:
            Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019

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              As an addendum to the previous post:

              -We are using the Oracle instant client from a .NET 4.0 application.
              -In the connectionstring we set the provider to MSDAORA.
              -This worked fine in XP, Vista and 7.

              The error seems to be occurring before a connection is even made; entering a bogus host or username produces this error instantly.

              We are aware of newer drivers/providers but these seem to have their own quirks (carriage return in queries causes errors, seriously??), while MSDAORA has always served us well until we encountered this problem.