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    How to setting the root user profile?

      It seems that I can't fine any complet manual to introduce how to setting the root user profile file which locate at /etc/profile? Who can help me find out or figure it out
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          first /etc/profile is a global profile for the system
          its not only specific to root
          from here you can configure the system wide paths

          Regardless of the shell you are using, when you first log in your system generally runs the system profile file, /etc/profile. This file is generally owned by the system administrator and is readable (but not writable) by all users.

          After your system executes the system profile, it runs the user profile. The user profile is one (or more) initialization files that define your working environment. For example, if you're in the CDE environment your system checks this file (or set of files) each time you start a new terminal or window.

          refer this::


          man page here