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    How could the wireless ethernet card running automatic when system reboot?

      I have already setup the wireless networking card correctly which name is wpi0,but every time when I use it to link to internet,
      I had to key the instuction like this :

      ifconfig wpi0 plumb
      ifconfig wpi0 up
      ifconfig wpi0 dhcp

      and then input:

      wificonfig -i wpi0 connect mywifi

      comment: mywifi is the profile file of connection to my wireless router
      I had set it with the instruction before like thisi

      wificonfig createprofile mywifi essid=2WIRE678 encryption=wep wepkey1=1234567890

      anybody can help me group up the command line and has it running automatic when system reboot
      it seems the wireless card always need manual connect to router, that 's trouble.