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    ATG 9.4

      why i am not getting solid server icon in atg 10.0.3 after installation but i am getting solid server icon in atg 9.1 if i install atg 9.4 will i get solid server icon after installation?and plz help me how to get atg 9.4 eclipse plugins?
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          Solid server is removed ATG 10 onward, AFAIK Yes you will get it in 9.4.

          For ATG Plugin you will have to download ATG 10.1 .

          You can use the same plugin with 9.4

          ~ Praveer
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            where can i get atg 10.1 download option
            when i downloaded atg 10.0.3 i havenot get eclipse plugins may i know the reason?

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              Nitin Khare
              ATG10.1 is no longer available for download as 10.1.1 is available. The Eclipse plugin has been included from ATG 10.1.1 only. Here is how you can set it up on ATG 10.1.1:


              For ATG 10.1.1 you would need to search under 64-bit option on e-delivery site.