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    Subledger journal entries


      I want to understand this functionality......this is to restrcit GL access only or is ther any actual benefit.

      - Accounting class is not defaulting from account
      - Header Supporting reference is showing some China references
      - Giving vendor information would not update vendor balances

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          Sub-Ledger Accounting is new product in release 12, users will not find this as a separate module, infact they are provided as extra functions with in Sub-Ledgers

          • Sub-Ledger is designed leveraging the Common Accounting Module (XLA), Global Accounting Engine (AX) and event based accounting model introduced earlier in accounting for AP transactions.

          Inconsistent Accounting Practices in earlier releases

          • There are lot of inconsistencies in accounting in earlier releases:
          -->AP-creates and stores accounting in AP and then transferred to GL
          -->AR- no dr/cr are created and stored in AR but distribution information is transferred to GL to create accounting
          -->FA- Creates directly into General Ledger
          -->PA-Accounting created for 2 sides dr/cr differently

          • Sub-Ledger addresses this issue and accounting from all sub-ledgers (complete dr/crs) are stored in sub-ledger first then transferred to General Ledger