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    Running the ./oraclevm-template.sh for the PeopleTools OVM

      When I ran the ./oraclevm-template.sh for the PeopleTools OVM, after answering yes to a couple of questions. I get to the good part where the script asks if I am "happy with my answers ?". I replied yes and the system spits out an error message "UNABLE" and then down the line I get an instruction

      "Enter the full path of the remote Application Home directory:
      Now can anybody tell me why this question about full path of the remote Application Home directory.???
      My database is mounted and opened with SID=FSCM and the Database Machine is up and running

      What is the deal about thsi DECOUPLED application ??

      I ran the 'export DECOUPLED_USR_GROUP=appinst !!!
      before the script ./oraclevm-template.sh