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    Unable to start ATG Wizards


      I've just installed ATG 10.1.1 and I know it ships with an Eclipse plugin. I have installed it and everything went fine with the installation, but whenever I try to create any project from the ATG Wizards option I get this error:
      The selected wizard could not be started.
      Plug-in "atg.project" was unable to instantiate class "atg.eclipse.project.wizard.ExistingATGModuleWizard".
      Any ideas on how I could fix that... or why is it happening?

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          Nitin Khare
          Check if your ATG Root within the ATG Preferences is set properly. In Eclipse > Window > Preferences > ATG Preferences, the ATG root directory should point to your ATG installation directory (say C:\ATG\ATG10.1.1). After making any changes there you may need to restart Eclipse. Hope this helps.