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    How to implement Reward Certificates

      We currently have a rewards program that issues redemption certificates that can be used in our brick and mortar stores.
      We would like to start allowing our customers to redeem these certifcates at our online store.
      My question is, what is the best way to implement this. It has been suggested that we can import the certificates into the BCC and create promotions around them. Another suggestion was to use the gift certificate option in ATG.
      I'd appreciate any guidance on the pros and cons of either of these options or additional options you are aware of.
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          Gautam Singh
          My suggestion is to use gift certificates. The only problem is usually OTB ATG implementation relies on gift certificates being generated electronically.
          For your scenario you already have these certificates delivered to users so you have to manually import them from your current master system.
          You have to import them as GiftCertificateClamable item in /atg/commerce/claimable/ClaimableRepository
          Refer Gift Certificates and Coupons section from Oracle ATG Commerce Programming guide
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            karthik chopperla
            Implementing as coupons and building promotion around those certificates would be a good choice. It allows you to publish items like any other item through BCC. Then you can claim those certificates on commerce instance using CouponFormHandler. This way one doesn't have to set up giftcertificate as additional payment, fulfillment of gift certificates and additional over head to make it as a payment.

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              My concern with using the bcc to do this is the amount of overhead involved. Can I upload the reward certificates and assign them for one time use to a specific user in the bcc?
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                karthik chopperla
                I have never done this. But did you try importing Coupons ( store coupons) into BCC using import feature provided?? First try to export it into xls and then add your store codes into the sheet and import it.