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    Connect failure as adminlistener via SQL Developer / Glassfish

      ApEx 4.2
      ApEx Listener 2.0 EA (configured for port 8888)
      Glassfish 3.1.2
      SQL Developer
      CentOS-5.8 64-bit

      I can get the ApEx screens up and running fine. But I cannot connect to the adminlistener from SQL Developer.

      Following the installation instructions included with the EA listener, I configured adminlistener for access via SQLDeveloper. This does not appear to be sufficient.

      What is missing? I've read some forum posts suggesting that the RESTful services must be configured. Is this a requirement?

      Documentation says that APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER and APEX_LISTENER userids are created as part of the apex 4.2 installation, but they are not. Are they to be created manually with privs identical to APEX_PUBLIC_USER?

      Wayne Linton

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      see post entitled: "apex_al is not correctly configured, error: ORA-01017" for a different slant on this problem