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    How to Change UI color en ORPOS 13.1.1

      Hi, good afternoon.

      I´m trying to change la default color of the User Interface of Point of Service 13.1.1. but i haven´t found the step-by-step procedure.

      thus any one have some information in this mater.

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          Himanshu Lohani
          To change Look and feel of ORPOS , you need to modify respective PLAF.file ( swanplaf_<locale>.properties for swing based installation and imageplaf_<Locale>.properties for image base installation)
          based on your defult locale . You can locate mentioned file in < config\ui\ > inside the respective locales Jars e.g. en.jar (\pos\lib\locales).

          you can use Hex code of colour and below tags can be used for refrence

          ## Primary color: app background,
          ## Secondary color: response area, button text, header text
          ## Accent: buttons, headers
          ## Bean Background: work panel, list selection, text highligth
          ## Attention: required *, offline text, error header (red)
          ## Standard Text (black)
          ## Standard Background (white)
          ## Online Text (green) as required

          Please share if you face any further issue.