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    How does CI automatically 'filter' when creating a new CI?

      I've created a couple of CIs where I don't use the default properties and I just drag the properties I want from the underlying component's table. These tables contain duplicate data, usually differentiated by their effective date. For some reason, when I test my CIs--either testing the GET or FIND-- the results show a "filtered" version of the dataset. I've notice it automatically filters out the duplicates by taking the most recent effective date. I nowhere specified that this filtering should take place. What am I doing wrong here? An example I tried was the component TL_TRC_MAIN_PNLGRP (HRMS), dragging a few properties from TL_TRC_TBL under the "Scroll Level 1 Primary Record".
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          A CI does not do anything more or less than the component it is a container for.
          Unless PeopleCode is used to act in a different matte when being run from a CI:

          If %CompIntfcName = 'YOUR_CI_NAME' THEN
          /* do something different when called through a CI */

          If you are seeing only the most recent effective date then that means your component is effective date and you should set the following CI property to true to see the history items.

          &CI.gethistoryitems = True;

          See PeopleBooks on this subject.